I have a long history with Spokane, Washington!

My grandparents moved to Spokane Valley shortly before my grandfather retired from the Air Force. My dad was a teenager when they moved there. He and his brothers grew up the same house that I spent a lot of my childhood and teenage years living in or visiting.

I spent 1st – 5th grade living in Spokane and attending Garfield Elementary. I spent the evenings and weekends outside playing with my friends, riding bikes and hanging out. We moved to Sheridan when I was 12, and I moved to Vancouver, Washington for a few months when I was 14 to live with my birth mother (and then moved back to Sheridan). I attended Job Corps in Curlew, Washington for a little over a year, and then lived in Spokane until a few months before my 21st birthday, when I moved back to Sheridan. I then moved to Bozeman, Montana for a short while before moving back to Spokane for around 6 months, and then I moved to Powell, Wyoming for college, but spent the summers at my grandparent’s house in Spokane.

After college I moved back to Spokane and got Mariska, my Chihuahua, got my own little apartment downtown, worked for a couple horse farms and then worked at the Hampton Inn by the airport. I lived there for about a year, that’s when I met Terrill, and we got married at my grandparent’s church (my grandfather actually married us) in Spokane Valley. A few months later we moved to Kansas.

I am working on this gallery, so there aren’t many photos yet! But most of my equine and canine photography took place in Washington, so I have lots to add!