2018 Shoot & Share Results!

Shoot and Share is an international photography competition where photos are voted on around the world by peers. Anyone can submit photos and vote! This year entries were accepted in January (over 411,000 images were submitted this year in 25 categories), voting took place in February (81 million votes!) and results in March (so, now!).

I submitted 16 photos, and here are the ones that placed (got a badge)! I’m pretty proud of how my photos and all of my friend’s photos did in the competition.

If you’re a photographer, mark your calendar for 2019! Submissions are in January and you can submit up to 50 photos. Visit www.shootandshare.com for more information!

People Portraits – 93/14,733 (I had to adjust the black background on this when I screenshot it because for some reason it kept glitching, so the best version is seen on the Shoot and Share website)
Pets/Animals – 155/14,426
Pets/Animals – 268/14,426
Pets/Animals – 651/14,426
People Portraits – 801/14,733
Pets/Animals – 1,009/14,426
Pets/Animals – 1,770/14,426
Pets/Animals – 1,483/14,426

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