Gramma’s House

We went to Spokane in March for my gramma’s memorial. It was a heavy and emotional trip but was good to be around family and spend time in my grandparent’s house.

On the last day we were there, everyone else had left so we spent time visiting with my grandfather and I photographed some of the house so that I could keep the way she had things fresh in my memory. I also said good-bye to the house, as I knew it was the last time I would ever be there.

They bought the house in the 1970’s and were the first owners. My Gramma loved this house so much and wanted to die in it. My grandfather has wanted to move for many years and get a place much more manageable as they grew older, but she did not want to leave. So he honored her wishes until she passed. He plans to sell this summer and hit the road in a camper visiting places he wants to see and family, before retiring to a smaller house. I am excited for him, as I had no expectations for him to hold on to the house for our own sentimental reasons. I will always have the memories spending so much time at the house, including many summers and weekends. It has been the only constant home in my life, and it is sad to think I will no longer be able to go there. But that is part of life.

My grandmother loved books, and here is a small section of her bookcase. She checked out most of the books she read from the library, and started reading them on a kindle more recently.

This is an old picture of her, maybe from the 1980’s. I had never seen it until her memorial, but it is one of my favorites of her.

The den where she hung out in the evenings, watching T.V and either crocheting a blanket or worked on plastic canvas projects. I found a VHS tape while we were there at the memorial of Desi and I when we were young recording music videos down here. It was quite entertaining!

Sometime in the 90’s we sisters gave my gramma a present wrapped in this paper that we had drawn on. She had kept it for so many years. The second photo is one Desi did when she was young.

Looking from the downstairs bathroom as I messed around with make-up or dyed my hair, I would see my Gramma sitting on the couch watching TV. Desi shared at the memorial how she used to sleep in the bedroom to the left with her head hanging out the door so she could watch Gramma as she fell asleep.

My grandparents and my dad & uncles many, many years ago.

Photos of us sisters growing up

My grandfather gave this music/jewelry box to my Gramma many years ago. It is broken and need repair, but it is one of the things I asked my grandfather if I could have, as I remember winding it up and listening to it and watching the butterfly move it’s wings. He also gave her the crystal train below.

Gramma’s sewing room. As you can see, she was an Elvis lover! This is where she made outfits for us when we were younger, scrapbooked and spent time on the computer while watching TV.

Raelynn playing in the bay window during the memorial.

Looking down at the living room where we unwrapped presents at Christmas, hung out and chatted and played when we were growing up.

Original metal banisters in the house.

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