Late Summer Update!

Hello everyone!

Fall is creeping up and I am so excited to bust out my decor and get this house feeling all warm and cozy! A few days ago it was so cold and dreary that I actually turned off the A/C and turned on the fireplace for a little while! But then I realized it’s not *quite* cold enough yet for the fireplace because it got to almost 80 degrees in here really quick.

I have some updates to share about life and business since it’s been awhile! A lot is going on over here, lots of new stuff and changes. First up, we finally saw legit sunflowers for the first time since we moved to Kansas! I guess they only bloom around here every few years. Kansas is well known for it’s sunflowers, after all it is the Sunflower State! But the only ones we have seen have been the small ones usually found in ditches. We were thrilled to actually go to a legit sunflower field and take some photos of Raelynn in them! There were so many mosquitoes and I had at least 40 bites on the backs of my legs alone by the time we were done. But it was worth it! We also stopped on the side of the rode in some tall grass and took a few more of her, so here’s a few!

Knife handing!

She still isn’t in to posing for the camera but has actually learned to say “Cheeeeeeeseeee!” and do a smile so that’s a plus! The rest of the time it’s just letting her do her own thing or having Terrill try to entertain her and taking photos of whatever I get from her.

So on to other updates!

I have decided to close the doors on Castor PET Photography, and will no longer be doing pet portraits in my studio. It is bittersweet because I love photographing dogs so much, but I need and want to focus on my newborn and baby photography and my other new ventures. So I will be finishing up my last work for that at the end of the month. We will be photographing the Pitzer Invitational in September, and the proofs for that and previous years will be on a proofing website here :

The most exciting update I have is opening my newborn prop shop on August 1st! I am super excited to announce Rissa Rae Moon Props! I have been working hard one making items for my shop, getting everything coordinated and legal and ready to go! You can check out the website here :

Here are some of the headbands that I have made and are listed in my shop. I am so excited for this adventure even though I know it will take a lot of time and patience and learning to build up, but I am ready for the challenge!

So that is really all that is going on with my business! My newborn studio is going strong and I am so in love with the work I am creating lately. I have some personal projects in the works but it is all about finding the time to get things coordinated for that. I am so excited to travel next month but other than that, we don’t have any trips planned for the rest of the year until maybe Christmas time (which is sad but also nice to be home and work!).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful life!
Until next time,
Clarissa Castor

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