Missouri Antiques

I love antique shopping. You never know what you will find! I have found some amazing items including home decor, props for photography, and cameras! I often feel like things are a bit overpriced, however one time I found a film camera for $20 and later found it was worth over $400! So sometimes you get lucky!

There is an antique shop in Missouri, just past the border from Kansas on HWY 171 called Burton Trading Company. Terrill says you could walk out the back door and spit in to Kansas. We found them the first time we traveled to Illinois to visit Terrill’s sister’s family back when we first moved to Kansas. Since then we have visited them several more times and we always find something cool!

This is the first time I carried my camera around and took some photographs of some of their items. I love the beauty and rawness of the way items are placed unintentionally.

If you’re ever heading that way, be sure to stop by and check out what they have! On this trip I picked up 3 inexpensive film cameras and a few lenses.

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