Solomon’s Island, October 2020

I cannot believe I haven’t posted in so long!

Believe it or not, I use my camera almost daily, but now mostly to do product photography for my crystal shop instead of other work. It was a nice break this past weekend from what I’ve been doing to get out and photograph my family and some things we stumbled upon during our 3 day camping trip to Solomon’s Island and the surrounding area.

We had a wonderful time, despite lots of rain! We went to a couple antique shops on Saturday and to the little beach at the campground, and then on Sunday we went on a bike ride and then to another beach where we found lots of shells and two horseshoe crabs! I believe they were the molts of horseshoe crabs after doing some research on them and not actual dead crabs. We brought them home where we are going to preserve them because they are super cool. There is a photo of them below.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying life!

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