Summer Sunday!

It’s a beautiful day outside! Around 85 degrees and not humid. My kind of day.

Not exactly summer yet, but we’re getting there!

This afternoon I took Raelynn out to her kiddie pool in the backyard and she splashed around in the water for a bit. We can’t wait for the neighborhood pool to warm up so she can actually swim (and we can too!) I’m glad we will get to spend a few weeks at the pool before we move.

Less than 6 weeks left left until we hit the road! If all goes as planned, that is. We should have for sure dates after this week when Terrill gets everything scheduled. We close on our house this Friday and the new owner is allowing us to rent back until we leave. I am excited for the move yet still feeling a little sad and anxious, which is okay. I am trying my best to go with the flow, which is what my Gramma used to say to me when I was young and we moved to Sheridan. I had homesickness really bad, mostly just being so far from my grandparents. But it all worked out! And I am keeping the faith that this move will all work out as well, even if it is a little rough and stressful in the beginning.

Here are some photos today of Raelynn in her pool. They are just fun candids, but I love to capture the every day moments! It’s been awhile since I photographed just mundane things like following her around with the camera and I really want to get back in to the habit.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a great summer!

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