My Mother’s Day

Today was my 3rd Mother’s Day. I spent the day with my family, hanging out and eating good food and making some outfits for props, editing some photos and even got a nap in! It was wonderful!

But the best part was when my husband called me in to the studio where Raelynn had painted a canvas for me that says “Happy Mother’s Day 2018”. I am so in love with the paint splash sessions I offer to my clients, and Terrill knew that! What is the most amazing thing is that Terrill set this up all on his own, including the strobe and setting the camera correctly. I was amazed because I only told him one time the settings for the camera in the studio! I had no idea this is what was going on!

So here are some of the photos from his little photoshoot with Raelynn. I can’t wait to have the canvas hanging on the wall along with one of these photographs to commemorate the moment.

Thank you to my wonderful husband and daughter for a memorable Mother’s Day. It’s been the best one yet!

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