Solomon’s Island

We have been dying to camp in our pop up camper that my sister in law gave us this past spring. We did some updates to it right before we moved to D.C, including painting and new flooring and curtains. But since it doesn’t have A/C, we haven’t wanted to use it until the weather was cooler. We considered at one point to buy a portable A/C, but decided not to since most of the cool air would escape anyway.

So Saturday night Terrill told me that he had Monday off, so I said, let’s go camping tomorrow night! We found a campground on a Navy rec base only an hour and a half away called Solomons. We packed up Saturday night and Sunday morning and then hit the road! It was very overcast on Sunday and I thought it was going to rain but it never did. It ended up being in the mid 70’s the entire time with a nice breeze.

When we got there, we set up the camper and then while Raelynn and Terrill went to the playground, I organized the supplies and made the bed. Then headed over to the playground to get them so we could go explore the beach!

They just have a little beach there, but you can walk around a bit and see more little beaches. We found lots of cool little rocks, flowers, plants and trees, a little crab (sadly he was deceased) and several jellyfish. It was wonderful to enjoy the salty air and the weather was really nice (despite being overcast). Raelynn was even brave enough to get in the water a little ways!

We had a wonderful maiden voyage in our camper and look forward to another trip here in a couple weeks to Point Lookout!

Back at the camper!

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