Washington D.C

Well, we have arrived to our new home! We got to the area on July 17th and while I tried to plan to avoid traffic, we ended up hitting a ton of it anyway! I guess it’s just always like that around here. Luckily we live on a base here, and Terrill’s commute to work is like a mile (and without any crazy traffic!). We’d like to consider in the future buying a home off base, but that’ll be something to consider way down the road after we get comfortable with the area.

My in-laws came down to Derby and rode with us the entire way. I can’t express how grateful I am for my mother in law’s company (and driving!). It would have been a difficult drive for me if I was by myself (since my husband had to drive his truck). They left on Friday and unfortunately they didn’t get to see much of the area because there was a heat wave here plus I was nervous about driving around at a bad time (traffic jams!). We moved in to our house on Saturday thinking we’d only have a couple days before our stuff was delivered but of course, our shipment is delayed and so we won’t be getting our things for another week. Luckily we had fully stocked our camper and took the mattresses out of it to sleep on, and then scored a couch for cheap, plus we brought our television and game systems so we won’t be bored.

I really like our house, the yard is much smaller than we had in Kansas but it is sufficient. The house has more rooms and so that’s a plus, I will have a dedicated sewing room and Raelynn has both a bedroom and playroom (which will be the guest bedroom when visitors come). We’ve met a few people already and I look forward to making friends and staying busy with my prop shop and activities on base, not to mention exploring the area outside of base!

On Sunday we decided to venture out since it was the weekend and we were told there wouldn’t be much traffic, which was true! We didn’t hit any traffic jams in to or out of the city. Because it was so hot we decided to just drive around and enjoy the sites from the car and make a plan for future trips when it’s not 100+ degrees outside! We saw several monuments, a quick snippet of the White House (looks much smaller in person!) the Pentagon, and drove to Arlington National Cemetery but didn’t see much since we didn’t park and walk. There’s so much amazing and detailed architecture downtown and I loved seeing all of the amazing buildings! I cannot wait to go to the museums and actually walk around and take in the monuments in the future.

But here are some photos I took from the car of our first glimpses of our nation’s capital!

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