Week 2 in D.C

We have been in D.C for 2 weeks now! Unfortunately we still don’t have our stuff and will have to wait another week for it to be delivered. But like I said before, we had a lot of stuff in the camper and the mattresses haven’t been too terribly bad for us to sleep on (we put two full sized mattresses next to each other so it’s like a giant bed). Last night we picked up a bed set for Raelynn from someone here on base and so she now has a full set of furniture (which worked out great because I sold all her old stuff with the intention of getting her a new set). We got the dogs back last week and it has been great having them around! For the first few days it was nice not having to worry about them but then we quickly got to missing them.

Last weekend we drove to downtown D.C again and just drove around for awhile. The traffic really isn’t bad at all on Sundays (I mean we’ve only gone twice so that might change). We have decided to head down there on some Sundays and start planning out places to go visit instead of just seeing everything from the car. So here are some photos I took last weekend. Enjoy!

As you can tell, the Washington Monument is two different colors. This is because they ran out of funding when making it, and it wasn’t until quite awhile later that congress provided the funds to finish it. They used stones from a different quarry to complete the monument, and while at the time the monument looked like it matched, over time the stones aged differently and so you can see where the initial build stopped.
Supreme Court


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