About Clarissa

The galleries on this website contain Clarissa’s work that spans over the past decade, from late 2006 until current day. During her journey as a photographer, she has lived in 5 different states, earned her A.A.S in Photographic Communications from Northwest College in Powell, WY., and has built a wide variety of work from studio work to horses to newborns to landscapes and everything in between.

Her journey began in 2006 in Sheridan, Wyoming when she photographed her best friend in their apartment and fell in love with the camera. She originally wanted to be a fashion photographer and photograph models. But one day she came upon an Arabian horse magazine, and after studying the beautiful photographs, she realized that was what she wanted to do more than anything.

Over the next couple of years, Clarissa pursued her dream of being an equine photographer up in the Pacific Northwest before attending college in Powell, Wyoming. During college, she fell in love with the studio and worked on multiple personal projects. She also spent a lot of time photographing the western lifestyle such as rodeo events and cowboys. After graduating in 2012, she moved back to Spokane, Washington and continued to pursue her equine work under the name CMBlum. She opened a canine photography business alongside her equine work called Risky Canine Photography. She was successful with both businesses until 2015 when she and her husband moved to the Wichita, Kansas area.

In the winter of 2017, Clarissa began to study newborn photography, and opened a studio in the basement of her house in early 2018. She photographed more than 50 newborns in her first year alone. In early 2019, her family moved again, this time to Washington, D.C.

Clarissa is currently not offering any client work and has instead chosen to focus on personal work and going through archives to add past work to this website. She has no current plans to set her camera down permanently, and she looks forward to a future in photography.

This website was created to showcase and share Clarissa’s work that has shaped her in to the photographer she is today.

Please visit the blog for more current work, and follow Clarissa on Facebook and Instagram.

** In several galleries, you will notice different signatures on photographs, including RC or Risky Canine, CMBlum and different versions of Clarissa Castor and Castor Photography. These are all my work. **

Clarissa in early 2007 with her first DSLR camera, “Spartika”, and Olympus e-500


Retired Olumpus E-500, Minolta Autocord film camera (still a working camera) and retired Canon 50D.
Selling event photographs and framed artwork at the Pitzer Ranch Invitational in 2016