Friends and family have sent me rolls of film to develop and scan for them.
I am by no means an expert in developing and scanning and make sure they know there’s a chance I could completely botch their images. Here are some scans from some of these rolls. Sometimes they are cross processed which accounts for the really funky colors. I do some correction in post. Most of these rolls are 20+ years.

If you would like to send me rolls to develop and scan for you, I only charge for chemicals providing you allow me to share some of the work here and know the risks involved. Film manufacturers recommend film to be developed immediately after exposure. You will never get a perfectly clear image from film that has sat for a long time as it does deteriorate. All color slide film is cross processed in C41 developer and then color corrected in post. I want the film to turn out just as much as you do so I am very careful with developing properly. Please contact me for more information.