Independence Day Drive

Today Raelynn and Terrill and I took a little road trip! We just cruised around outside of town so that I could shoot a roll on my Minolta Autocord. It has a light leak and I think we fixed it but need to try another roll. It’s a lot of work when you think about it! And costs around $10 for everything just to shoot a roll to check for a light leak. But then that will make it that much sweeter once we finally have it figured out and fixed!

I also took my Panasonic G5 and my Minolta 200mm lens with me to take some digital photographs. I love the challenge of just taking one lens with me, even though I admit I die a little inside when I come across a situation where something different would have worked a million times better.

But on to photos! Lots of cows, which I love to photograph. Enjoy!

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