Kodachrome, 9 weeks old

Kodachrome turned 9 weeks old yesterday!

He is such a fun little fluff ball. He got his first “Poodle” haircut last Friday and the groomer said he did really good! I wanted to get him started at the groomers super early because our last Poodle had a really hard time with getting his hair cut.

Tonight I did Koda’s 9 week/first haircut photos in the studio. I had a few buckets that I painted for newborns that I wanted him to model for me! I am looking forward to selling these faux rusted buckets to other newborn photographers in the future. The last bucket is not one I made but an old wash tub I bought at a vintage store. The first bucket is painted with faux rust and the second and third have real patina from rusted copper. I loved creating them and I love even more how beautiful they photographed.

But back to the main focus, Kodachrome! Enjoy!

And a blooper! I know he looks like he just chilled in the bucket, but truth be told, he kept jumping out! Thankfully Terrill came and assisted me during the shoot, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as many photos!

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