Pitzer Ranch Invitational Part I

This past Wednesday, my husband and I were up in Ericson, Nebraska (his hometown) photographing the Pitzer Ranch Horse Invitational. This was our 3rd year as the official photographers and it was a rough one due to the weather and many other obstacles, but we pulled it off! We got back home last night and I went to sorting and uploading the proofs from the show. Normally we would attend the horse sale at the ranch which is currently taking place today and tomorrow, but because of Terrill’s work obligations, we couldn’t make it (big bummer).

As I was uploading, I pulled some of the Trail photographs that caught my eye. I only got through about 15 horses before I decided to pull photos later after I finish sorting, but here they are! So I will title this Part I and plan to go through every trail competitors photographs in the near future and share more cool shots. Trail and roping are my favorite events, but roping took place indoors this year so the photographs really suffered.

Anyway, enjoy! And visit www.castorhpiphotos.com for all of the photographs over the past 3 years (still pending uploads!)

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