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I have become a perfectionist with my work and I don’t usually share anything unless I feel it is learning towards the more perfect end of the spectrum, by my own standards of course. So this is a session that is hard for me to share because now, looking back almost 10 years later, I slightly cringe at some of the photographs.
But, it was an important session for me and my growth as a photographer, as it was done in studio and since I was in my first semester in college I hadn’t yet done a studio course, so I had to have my professor Anthony help set up my light. I had seen a couple studio sessions be done by my mentor at the time, Mike Roberts, so I had a rough idea of what I was doing. But given the chance now I would have done things much different with the same concept.

With that said, it is still a treasure to me no matter what. To me these portraits are momentous and I can still remember fully doing this session and working with Tegan, the model, for the first time (and we did many, many sessions after this), painting her half black and white and making the backdrop out of posterboard and black cloth. I can still feel the excitement I felt during and after this session when viewing and editing the photographs, and how I felt like a rockstar afterwards!

I feel like during this session, I instantly fell in love with portraiture in the studio.

Title : Black or White, original edits + some revisits
Date : November 3, 2009
Model : Tegan
Camera : Olympus E-500

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