First Trip to the Archives!

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019!

At the end of 2018 I made some goals for myself for the new year and one of them was to revisit a session from my archives each week and share a few photos on my blog, as well as add them to my portfolio pages if I so incline.

This morning I plugged in my old beast of an external hard drive (and by the way, knock on wood that I have never had a hard drive crash!) and pulled up my first Archive Session for the year!

I did this session with two friends from my dorm, Boo and Tyler. I didn’t really know them at the time and needed someone to model for one of my assignments, so I asked them to model for me. They both became friends over the years in college but we have all since went our separate ways. Still friends on Facebook though and I have developed some film for Boo, so it’s nice to see what they are up to every once in awhile.

Here are just a few from that first session with both of them!  This is the only one I did of them together but I did several sessions with Tyler and at least one other with Boo. In future archive pulls I will share more sessions I did with them over time.

Title : Cowboy II, original edits
Date : October 14, 2009
Models : Boo & Tyler
Camera : Olympus E-500





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